Hear This Remixed “Mask Off” By Future Ft. Kendrick Lamar

Hear This Remixed “Mask Off” By Future Ft. Kendrick Lamar


As if “Mask Off” wasn’t popular enough, Future has given fans a remixed version to generate even more buzz. Adding Kendrick Lamar to the mix provides a literally fresh addition to Future’s February release. Kendrick mentions the speedy platinum status of DAMN., which means this verse was recorded very recently this month. Kendrick’s contribution to “Mask Off” is much quicker than Future’s verse, but he still flows well over the tranquil Metro Boomin flutes. Kendrick is enjoying continued success from his latest releases and there’s no sign of him dropping off any time soon. The same can be said for Future.

For some reason I’m very interested as to who proposed this collaboration. It’s beneficial for both Future and Kendrick and it’s always kind of weird when two artists who sound fairly different work together. Two of the most popular players in the game, while they have different styles, seem oddly fitting teaming up here. 

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