Gramgandhi: “Been Known” EP [Album Stream]

Gramgandhi: “Been Known” EP [Album Stream]

I met Philidelphia’s Gramgandhi in Atlanta at the A3C hip-hop conference. At one point amongst a few of my peers she played a track and started rapping and I almost fell out. From that point forward I’ve been itching for a project from her. Full of passion, viciousness, chill and emotion all in one artist Gram has been in the studio working for a minute now.

After her album listening party last month (and after I lowkey pressured her at A3C this year) Gram has dropped her EP “Been Known”. Four easily digestible tracks that give you a feel for the Philly artist’s taste and flow. Stream it below and let me know what you think, I’ll have a full interview with Gramgandhi to close out the year as I was able to sit down and talk with her last month. Let’s up this is just the beginning for the Philly upstart.

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