Gold Status Achieved For Kendrick Lamar’s “A.D.H.D”

Gold Status Achieved For Kendrick Lamar’s “A.D.H.D”

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Damn. Kendrick Lamar continues to bask in success, this time in the form of mining a retroactive gold rush. Kendrick’s “A.D.H.D” has officially achieved gold status as it hit 500,000 in sales on May 8th, the first single to hit gold off of his 2011 album “Section.80.” “Section.80” itself was confirmed gold by the RIAA on April 14, 2017, creating even more of a stir when “DAMN.” was unleashed on the same day. How did we all survive this maelstrom? This news might seem like no surprise because “DAMN.” went platinum in less than a month, but it’s further evidence of the artist’s sealed appeal. Congratulations, Kendrick!

I’m not sure how “A.D.H.D” is just now receiving gold certification. I figured it would’ve happened a couple years ago. We’ve had ample time to see him evolve as an artist, but this recent gold means Kendrick’s music is finally inescapable. People must be going back and listening to his whole discography, or they’re at least paying for it this time around. Yeah, I’m talking about you. In case you forgot what “A.D.H.D” looks and sounds like, the video is posted below.

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