How To Get Your Music Reviewed & BITW w/ Feefo

How To Get Your Music Reviewed & BITW w/ Feefo

Myke is reviewing your tracks, Beezy is reviewing your beats, and Feefo is giving you access to his Bump In The Whip Playlist! All of these things and more are now available to our Patreon Supporters!

“How do I submit my music?” That’s a great question. Each month we will put up a post on the Patreon page. Each post will be specific to Myke C-Town and Beezy 430. Simply reply to the post with a link to your best track. (One submission per Patron per month, please.) Within a week, Myke or Beezy will send you a personalized email with their critiques.

Posts will go up on the first Friday of every month. Let’s go!

Oh, and did we mention Classic Albums Reviews are coming back…
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Be sure to watch this entire video to see some dope and hilarious testimonials from some of our current Patrons.


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