Get familiar with Upper Reality’s surreal RnB jam “Slowly” (@upper_reality)

Get familiar with Upper Reality’s surreal RnB jam “Slowly” (@upper_reality)




Upper Reality is the moniker of a Texas-based producer/singer whose style of RnB is so eclectic and refreshing. Her most recent song “Slowly” caught my ears for its futuristic vibes and sultry elements. From the first listen you can tell she knows exactly how to draw the listener in as she employs different aural techniques to achieve just that. She starts off with a Reggae-dub sample which slowly morphs into a surreal soundscape backed by minimal trap drums. The only other instruments she employed are a steady bass and a trippy guitar to accompany her sultry vocals as she softly entices the listener with her come-hither lyrics and inviting melodies. She doesn’t hold back her feelings as she knows what she wants and how she wants it so anything less will receive zero attention.

“Slowly” is taken from her newest self-produced EP titled “Holy Mountain Wata”.


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