Gak: “We All Gon’ Cry” [EP Review]

Gak: “We All Gon’ Cry” [EP Review]

Last year I introduced you guys to Texas emcee Gak. He came through with his album “Distortion” a raw sounding project deep enough to show the talents of the Texas native. From storytelling to brutal honesty about his life and lineage, Gak showed his potential and ability to create a project. Here we are a little over a year later and Gak is here with his latest project “We All Gon’ Cry”.

This four track EP is paired with an audiovisual that pieces everything together. The video plays like a good night gone wrong. What starts as a night prime for the turn up, ends with a night of overthinking and the potential for mistakes to be made. Now “We All Gon’ Cry” has a lot going on, it’s a complete departure from “Distortion”. Gak’s latest is meant to be more catchy, more ready to perform for crowds. This approach hits and misses, Gak is a talented emcee, he can spit and it shows on “We All Gon’ Cry”.

Tracks like “Queen” & “Get Back Here” work entirely on the rapping side of the things, it’s when Gak starts to vocalize and sing that things get a bit hairy. Some of the hooks should’ve been doled out as guest appearances, because Gak tries to hit some notes that just aren’t his range at all. The only track where it sort of works is “Ride Out” and even there sometimes the vocal engineering overrides the beat, another issue this EP suffers from.

Gak is a talented emcee and “We All Gon’ Cry” seems like a bit of an experiment in trying to create a catchier sound. Combining the catchier sound with the concept of all the insecurities and problems that come with partying, is unbelievably genius. The execution and some of the engineering take away from the points trying to be made, but I’ll be damned if I said I wouldn’t want to hear this live. It’s clear Gak is still learning his sound and where he fits in, but the unbridled passion from the Texas emcee shows, once he finds his lane and pocket. It’s over.

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