FreshB : Love Lost EP REVIEW By @donnieskillz

FreshB : Love Lost EP REVIEW By @donnieskillz

As the month of love (also of the late great J. Dilla) comes to an end, I can only sigh and reminisce on the good things that occurred. The Oscars definitely had a ton of great, maybe awkward or much rather WTF moments but let’s save that for another article elsewhere. Denzel Washington‘s acceptance speech and for a non Oscar related moment, Remy Ma unleashed a pile of dirt on Nicki. As you may have guessed I’m not much of a love stricken individual but hey there is still some hope, somewhere for me.

Michigan mc FreshB dropped his Ep “Love Lost” early in February. A 6 track body of work that deals with the four letter word in various ways. The project is somewhat predictable due to the overused subject matter. Overused is an understatement, it has been done to death is more likely the term I was aiming for. I will admit, FreshB is pretty confident with this style of fusing rap and R&B melodies. It doesn’t break new grounds or blow my mind away but largely not bad at all. I wasn’t expecting a K-Dot lyrical massacre type approach so no way would I base my listening on that.

The overall musical vibes of this project is engaging and pretty interesting. The Drake-esque feel is evident but I don’t think it distracts from FreshB being unique. He has this animated vocal presence similar to Wiz Kahlifa, doesn’t drag and stays spirited enough to weave through the moistness of the subject matter. I really appreciate his taste in instrumentals too, it’s as if each track was suited for its intended purpose. I must say the only track that didn’t hit me was “Surgery” as it felt like a throwaway afro-pop influenced song.

I will admit I’m really ambivalent towards “Love Lost EP” , sometimes it hits me, other times it doesn’t but that is just me. Do me a favor, listen and let me know your thoughts

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