FreshB Talks Dropping Two Projects in 3 Months & SXSW [Interview]

FreshB Talks Dropping Two Projects in 3 Months & SXSW [Interview]

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FreshB is an artist out of Lansing, Michigan who just released his EP “Love Lost” what made this project stand out aside from the obvious was that FreshB had just released an album “A Breath Of Fresh Air” months before. I sat down and was able to talk to FreshB about both projects and about his journey to SXSW.

Dead End Hip Hop: For those who may not be familiar who is FreshB?

FreshB: FreshB is an ultra creative, urban renascence man from Lansing Michigan.

DEHH: Now I’m gonna take a step back before I jump into “Love Lost” you released a full-length album not even 6 months ago in “A Breath of Fresh Air” tell me a little bit about that project.

FreshB: A Breath of Fresh AIR is a 14 track LP I produced and engineered with a lot of great features. It was really meant to show the world that there are other dope sounds and creations out here to be inspired by other than what’s on the tv and on the radio. I live in a small city and often times the only culture that I would see grow came from pure imitation of the mainstream. That’s where my inspiration to create A Breath of Fresh Air came from.

DEHH: Putting out project after project is the norm these days in this hip-hop climate, but both your LP and “Love Lost” seem pretty calculated what was the thought process behind putting the two out so close to each other?

FreshB: I’m constantly creating and just going with what feels right. I’m also a student of the game and early on I realized how important consistency is. I’ve been ready to release Love Lost for a while but ABFA had to come first.

DEHH: You’re a versatile artist you don’t just do one thing well but have many weapons in your arsenal why is that important as an artist today?

FreshB: These days you really have to do something to stand out from the crowd and most of the time just lyrics aren’t enough. Look at Kanye West, Drake, and J Cole. Could they have reached the heights that they have without singing or producing? At the end of the day multiple artistic talents can give you more creative freedom to help you articulate your vision the way you intended.

DEHH: “Love Lost” is a quick but potent project tell me a bit about the process of making “Love Lost” and what inspired the project to come about?

FreshB: Love Lost was all about vibes. The recording process was fun and experimental. It all started with the song Maybe, the feeling was just there one night. As soon as I turned on the beat I the song just came to me and I recorded it immediately. It was simple and outside of my comfort zone, but I loved the vibe. I recorded every track like that.

DEHH: The Michigan hip-hop scene is robust, versatile and talented, what do you bring to the table and moving forward how would you like the scene to evolve?

FreshB: I will always be apart of the Michigan hip hop scene weather you see me directing videos, producing, I’ll always be inspiring. I really want to see Michigan artists work in unison to take the spotlight and bring something fresh into hip hop and music in general. I defiantly think we’re on the right track.

DEHH: You just came back from SXSW, what was that experience like for you?

FreshB: SXSW is always crazy. So much culture and many vibes.

DEHH: Some artists have mixed experiences at the festival, what are some tips you’d give artists making the journey out there?

FreshB: I’d tell them to make sure your prepared first of all. Take Business cards, CDs, posters or whatever your need to properly market yourself properly and make the best of the networking experience. The traffic gets so heavy around SXSW so you definitely want to plan ahead for that because A 10 minute trip can easily turn into a 30 minutes. Take advantage of all opportunities out there and just bring positive energy. You’ll have the time of your life.

DEHH: What’s coming up next for FreshB? Are we going to hear a follow-up to “A Breath of Fresh Air” this year?

FreshB: Much to come this year. Visuals for both my EP and LP will be ready for release later this month. No dates yet but I’m pretty deep into my next release, which is not a follow up to ABFA but you can definitely expect a follow up LP from me sometime this year.

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