Freddie Grahamz: “Goldmouth” [Album Review]

Freddie Grahamz: “Goldmouth” [Album Review]


Hip-hop has been around for a while now, yet the battle between mainstream vs underground hip-hop wages on. What’s better? Who’s getting more radio hits etc. Mainstream and underground are going to be around forever, at the end of the day there’s a place and time for both and it’s based on your personal preference. Miami, Florida’s Freddie Grahamz is more on the mainstream side, but what sets him apart from others is his unique approach to rapping in his music.

Off top the production is going to get you out of your seat, this bumps in the whip, I’ve used it to start my morning (#BangersInTheMorning), I’ve used the album to workout, the album bumps. For the most part Freddie Grahamz handles the majority of the lyrical duties on this album and it’s clear he’s cut from a different cloth of music. One of my worries going into this album was that it would sound like every other new artist trying to get into the industry. Flows stolen from those currently in the Top 40, too much auto-tune, you know what I’m talking about.

Freddie Grahamz has a lot of influences and it definitely shines through on this album, at the same Grahamz cadence and flow doesn’t fit with the radio joints of today and that’s what I like most about this album. Last week we gave you the video for “Only Us” and there’s just a presence about him that attracts you to the music. There’s a swagger, that’s real, no faking, no gassing, Grahamz promotes the Miami lifestyle and it’s one you’ll want to be a part of.

All this talk of swagger and bangers is great but I do like my music to have at least some type of soul in it ya know? Thankfully tracks like “Zoom” have Freddie Grahamz tailing back a bit, the Miami high life is not without its pain, without its struggle. The closer “Blessings” also has Grahamz doing more reflection, again it’s not everywhere on this album, but its presence on the album makes is greatly appreciated.

“Goldmouth” isn’t without faults though, there are a couple times when I felt Grahamz was stepping a bit too far out of his element. Some of the auto-tune and singing was a bit iffy, but it seemed more experimental rather than a dedication to the style. Overall Freddie Grahamz shows a ton of potential and I can’t wait to see what an album looks like from him. Keep it locked here as we’ll be interviewing Grahamz soon.

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