Freddie Gibbs On Leaving Jeezy’s CTE

Freddie Gibbs On Leaving Jeezy’s CTE

Freddie Gibbs spoke with the Breakfast Club on his departure with Young Jeezy’s label CTE. I remember telling people that I didn’t think this was a good fit for him. Gibbs trying to keep this one respectful. To me, it sounds like he has more to say but trying not to burn any bridges. Check out what Jeezy had to say:

Freddie is a talented artist and I decided that it’s time to press reset on my career and business ventures. I have no doubt that Freddie will go on to be everything I believe he can be, and I wish him the best in his career. This is a fresh start for the CTE brand as we re-launch it. This is why I chose to wipe the slate clean and create an outlet to support and nurture new artists to the best of my ability.

Ok. So what’s really going on? Jeezy has no time for Gibbs? He’s a ready made artist. What y’all think?

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