Francis And The Lights Spark A Remix With Chance The Rapper

Francis And The Lights Spark A Remix With Chance The Rapper


Good vibes come in all forms, and inviting Chance The Rapper to a track usually makes for a guaranteed relaxer. Francis And The Lights decided to remix their song “May I Have This Dance” from their 2016 album Farewell Starlite!, and there’s now a video for it too! The track is available on iTunes, or you could check out the music video below. Or do both, I’m not the boss of you.

Chance’s contribution is short and sweet, adding a few lighthearted bars, and the video is simple but well-choreographed. The lyrics remind me that the innocent flee when I try to dance, no matter how good I look in my romper. My moves are banned from most clubs, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this playful collaboration between the lights and the rapper. Chance has a very particular attitude in most of his music. I wonder which artists will recruit him in the future whenever they need a dash of his signature vibe?

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