Foster & The Pranksters present to us “The Acid Test EP” [video]

Foster & The Pranksters present to us “The Acid Test EP” [video]





Foster & The Pranksters are a genre-bending group made up of  Foster (Rap Vocals) Mike C. (Guitars) Steve Padelski (Bass) and Chris Stadler (Drums). The group mix vintage styled psyche rock with hip-hop elements laced with biting commentary and visceral subject matter. Formed in New Jersey in 2016 by Foster and Mike, Padelski who was a longtime friend of Mike was later recruited and the last addition was drummer Chris Stadler.

Less than three months after the release of their surprise debut EP, La Honda, Foster & The Pranksters are back with the hard-hitting, psychedelic trip, THE ACID TEST.  The 4 track project is dense, off-kilter and thought-provoking. From the cinematic opener “1ortheothr”,  rollicking “Mad Hatter Freestyle”, gritty “killing room” to the guitar-heavy “Hog farm”. Foster tackles many topics ranging from religion, urban and socio-political themes and far out themes. The project is laid out in a 10-minute playlist format smoothly transitioning between spaced-out, melodic grooves and high-caliber lyricism

The visual takes it back to the 70s adding a unique touch to the vintage sounds. In the meantime, Foster & The Pranksters continue to defy conventions with their gripping arrangements and dense songwriting. We can only wonder where they will take their sound to from here but for now, the only question left is: “Can you pass the acid test?”


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