Foreign Legion: “New School Rap Game” EP

Foreign Legion: “New School Rap Game” EP

new school rap game

If you asked me to name one group that doesn’t receive the attention they deserve, I would immediately burst into tears and blubber “Foreign Legion,” the trio consisting of Marc StretchProzack Turner, and DJ Design. These guys are another level of underground, but as is the case with many underground artists, that reputation usually yields great skill without widespread recognition. Foreign Legion just released their latest EP New School Rap Game, and it maintains everything they stand for: Lyrics that are scarily honest, and a give-and-take honed by time-tested emcees. This EP doesn’t contain the sunny West Coast vibe that was present in their debut album Kidnapper Van: Beats To Rock While Bike-Stealin’, but there’s no doubt this is a solid project.

The guest production is also a nice surprise, featuring work by Evidence and Headnodic in addition to in-house sound by FL. New School Rap Game is available on bandcamp, and can be found by following the link below. I wish Foreign Legion the best of luck in their invasion.

Bandcamp: New School Rap Game EP by Foreign Legion

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