Fonlon: “Tales From The BridgeLon” [EP Stream]

Fonlon: “Tales From The BridgeLon” [EP Stream]

International supergroup NASA8 has been essentially been on hiatus for a couple years now that said that doesn’t mean there isn’t work going on within the group even if it’s not a full collective effort. This time around Baltimore standouts Fonlon and Tek.Lun combines to release “Tales From The BridgeLon” this has Fonlon on the raps and Tek.Lun on the production.

One of my favorite aspects of Fonlon’s music and rhyming is that he’s always next level, there are no wasted words. The intricate flows, the unbelievable wordplay is all on display on “Tales From The BridgeLon”. Peep the 3P below and make sure you follow Fonlon on Twitter he’s been touring the Northeast since 2018 started and you don’t want to miss it.

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