Flipp Dinero: “Leave Me Alone” [Music Video]

Flipp Dinero: “Leave Me Alone” [Music Video]

Today, Flipp Dinero returns to the airwaves in an emphatic way by releasing the official video for his certified hit single “Leave Me Alone”. Surrounded by his homies and a slew of beautiful women, Flipp is living his life with the same free-spirited energy we feel from the song. Ironically, throughout the entire video, everyone around Flipp is doing the opposite of ‘leaving him alone’. SpaceDog Productions shot and directed this exciting, trippy new visual.

Last month, Flipp’s single went super viral thanks to the help of NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. A video clip of Odell dancing and rocking out to “Leave Me Alone” was uploaded to Instagram and it spread like wildfire. Odell then uploaded a new video a week later (on his own Instagram account this time) playing the song once again. Making its way to ESPNBleacher Report and more, the single has reached a completely new level. Since it’s release, “Leave Me Alone” has just under 2 million streams on Spotify, 1.5 million on SoundCloud, and over a million on Apple Music.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from Flipp Dinero in the very near future!

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