6lack’s “East Atlanta Love Letter” [Album Review]

6lack’s “East Atlanta Love Letter” [Album Review]

Nashai Catlett runs a publication over at Butta Blog where she covers everything from lifestyle topics, relationship issues, music, entertainment and much more. Today she stopped by with her first impressions of 6lack’s album “East Atlanta Love Letter”.

In 2016 6lack dropped FREE 6LACK and I feel like it got the credit it deserved. It’s wild though because even though 2 years is a long time to not hear from the artist that you’ve grown attached to, FREE 6LACK has held me over. In the mist of the long wait, 6lack served us bonus tracks, his amazing performances in concert, and most recently his interview with Joe Budden. Through that interview, we learned how diligently 6lack moves and how the music is his main focus. “I don’t wanna do these runarounds and drain out or take away from the fact that I just want people to like the music.” 6lack has reached his purpose because from my end, I hear and see all positive things about his music.

From amazing shows, which he sounds exactly the same live by the way, to increasing his presence on social media to keep the traction of his first album, 6lack has shown fans that music is his art and he does not play about his s*it. He shared that he would scroll through twitter and search for his lyrics. If someone tweeted his song, he would favorite it. “[I] was finding different ways to bring people into so that they can be more invested in who I am instead of just the one song that that might of heard.” 6lack’s groundwork to keep his fans in formation worked because during his 2-year hiatus, we were wondering when this new music was going to drop. In June, he teased us with a single song entitled Switch and that made us more upset that we did not have an album.

Finally, the day has come where 6lack drops his Sophmore project, and the Baltimore artist dodged the Sophmore curse (which we knew he would) like Nicki Minaj did Cardi B’s red shoe.

1. Unfair

Entering the love letter and it’s super smooth. He’s telling his girl that he’s going to put his ego to the side and be there for her. It’s like he’s talking to me, but out of nowhere, he hits those high notes. I really did not know he was a baby Mariah Carey. This is a smooth intro.

2. Loaded Gun

First of all, the transition from Unfair to here is smooth as shit. Not that it has not been done before, but 6lack’s transition from his melodic rapping to singing is amazing. In his smooth Nonchalant voice, he’s talking heavy and I love it. “If you love me, better fuck me like you about to lose your place to the girl next door.” 6LACK WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? The flow switch-ups are perfect on this song. He also did the acapella jawn where the artist stops the beat to put emphasis on his verse. 6lack is fully loaded after his 10,000-hour goal of working on his music.

3. East Atlanta Love Letter Feat. Future

As soon as the song comes on you hear that “Free Bandz” by our Lord and Savior, Future. THIS HOOK THO > It’s giving me Same Girl vibes, but about love. Their voices mashing up together is not something I would think would sound cool, but it does. Future, not that I am surprised, is singing his little codeine heart out. This is a real nigga love letter. I can see the men singing along to this unshamelessly (I know that’s not a word). “This is a Zone 6 stick up.”

4. Let Her Go

He cleared his throat for this for this one. Is that jewelry movement in the background? I love a passive aggressive flex. It’s so crazy how 6lack sings conversations. It’s like he’s literally telling you what’s going on . . . but his voice is just pretty. At this point, he’s trying to figure out if his girl’s presence in his life is important. If he lets her go, will he regret it?

5. Sorry

Whoever 6lack was talking to in FREE 6LACK is not the same girl. Well duh. During this track, he is trying to get his shit together for sure. Before it was, “List of my problems,” Now its, “Without you, I ain’t shit.”

6. Pretty Little Fears Feat. J. Cole

He’s rapping in this song, but also adding his little melodic emphasis in there. “No limit when I’m in it, gotta Master P.” OOP!

So, if you watched his Joe Budden’s Pull Up episode, this is what Joe was talking about when he said, “You caught J. Cole at a good time.” Cole came on dumb calm and sexy. “Why in the world do you like that? Like they don’t know you God sent. But me, I view you like that.” Cole is rapping about love in this verse comparing her to the red pill from the matrix. He had time for this verse.

7. Disconnect

What kind of love letter is this, 6lack? Are we breaking up? “Love is not looking over shoulders. Love is you should trust what I told ya.” It’s so cool listening to 6lack, but especially after seeing an interview. You would never guess that he is an introvert just by listening to his music because he’s so open. You can see and feel everything he’s singing in this song. If you’ve been through it before, the vision and feeling are more clear. LightSkinKeisha came at the end talking that shit too. Men want loyalty and so do women.

8. Switch

We’ve all heard Switch already. This is what got me excited for the album from the jump. Hearing TY Dolla $ign on anything is always exciting. In this song, 6lack is looking for a getaway from what he’s going through at the moment. Maybe if the roles were reversed there would be fewer problems?

9. Thugger’s Interlude

I deadass thought Young Thug was going to be singing during this interlude, but I’m not trippin’. But 6lack has been listening to Young Thug lately and overall trap songs to get his mind off being sad. Can you guess the Thug song he referenced? It’s settle but poppin’.

10. Balenciaga Challenge Feat. Offset

LightSkinKeisha is back and isn’t playing. “My time is money, n*gga. Don’t waste my time, n*gga.” Listening to this song and I’m already excited because how is this collaboration about to go down? The beat drops and 6lack gives us no time to get adjusted. The first thing that stands out to me is, “Offset wit the bag, that means I ain’t goin’ out sad.” He’s rapping, but 6lack’s version of rapping. Talking that shit, but his voice is still smooth as shit. I was trying to figure out how Offset was going to rap on this song and our Migo came through full throttle. I’m satisfied.

11. Scripture

I’m so mad because this song is short. “I’m an R&B nigga wit a Hip Hop core.” During this song, he’s rappin’ rappin’ but only for a short time.

12. Nonchalant

This is also another song we heard before the album dropped. “These niggas dropped their second album and fell off.” The sophomore curse? What is that to 6lack? He never experienced that. He never felt that emotion.

13. Seasons Feat. Khalid

What’s crazy is, this sounds like a song Khalid would be on. It’s upbeat but still slow. 6lack gives us an upbeat sway with this song. To be all the way honest, their voices sound so good that I am distracted by their voices that I cannot tell you what this song is actually about. It’s definitely about love tho. Will this be a single?

14. Stan

This is the last song ): This is a good way to end the East Atlanta Love Letter. “Only if you love me like a stan.” This song is love at his purest form. This is a huge transition from the fourth song of being unsure of love to the 14th song of being in love.

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