The Fifth Estate: “Stuck In The 90s” [Album Stream]

The Fifth Estate: “Stuck In The 90s” [Album Stream]

As you guys already know I’m a big fan of Boom Bap and as someone born in 1990, I’m entering that awkward stage of my life where I’m feeling a tad old. All that said I’m also a big fan of this nostalgia period the world is going through reminiscing on the 90s. Texas emcee The Fifth Estate has completely embraced this in his latest mixtape “Stuck in the 90s”.

It would be one thing for The Fifth Estate to just take a bunch of boom bap beats and rhyme over them (honestly I would’ve been ok with that), however he took the extra creative step and brought along producers Tyler Wrighteous, m o o n, Jay Humble and more to craft an original sound, inspired by the 90s and I’m 500% here for it. We’ve dropped a few singles in “What It Is” & “Melancholy Rose”, you can stream “Stuck In The 90s” below.

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