DEHH Premiere: Dussel Has Friends – Cold World

DEHH Premiere: Dussel Has Friends – Cold World


“Cold World” is the first track off of Dussel Has Friends’ debut EP due out later this year.

Produced by Brian McKenna of Btoven Music (credits include: Tevin Campbell, Carly Rose Sonenclar, The Stationary Set), Engineered by Lu Diaz (credits include: 50 Cent, Shaggy, Roni Size, Slick Rick, AWOL Nation)

The track is a serious breath of fresh air to hip hop. Backed by a full band, “Cold World” contains a catchy guitar melody, a dynamic drum beat as well as a funky bassline that is normally alien to rap music. The MC shines as he brings a great amount of energy and passion to his verses. Couple that with a catchy hook to bring everything together and listeners should really look out for these guys in the future.

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Last year, Dussel Has Friends received a not-so-favorable review of a show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While the fat hipster f*ck reviewing the show was attempting to talk down about the band, he managed to capture them pretty perfectly when he said “they brought a walking frat party to Williamsburg”.

That’s right f*ck-o…Dussel Has Friends brings a party wherever they go.

If you’re looking to rock back-and-forth ever so gently with your arms folded and reflect on a band’s use of the Dorian scale in the 15/6 time signature, you’re probably going to be disappointed by DHF. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an amalgamation of whiskey-soaked rock and roll, heartfelt soul, off beat ska and 90’s era hip hop, you’re really lucky to have wandered across the band because that’s a pretty specific sound to be searching for.

Dussel Has Friends have more of a large network of friends and family than a fanbase. That’s why every show they’ve played over the past few years has felt more like a family reunion than a concert. Whether it’s the Ritz Theatre, Knitting Factory or a Cinco De Mayo party at Charlie Bullfrog’s in Floral Park, Dussel Has Friends are going to turn the venue into a block party and, if safety regulations permit, a backyard BBQ.

It’s this comfort and support from friends that has allowed Dussel to take the time to fine-tune their writing approach and really organically seek out who they are sonically over the past five years. While the band has shared several songs over that timespan with their friends and online, “Cold World” will be their first single released in correlation with their long-awaited, highly anticipated <in West Hempstead> debut EP.

Dussel Has Friends has always proudly referred to themselves as a musical clusterf*ck. With roots ranging from Long Island hardcore to the beat driven hip hop of the Bronx circa 1990, it wasn’t easy for Dussel to develop a cohesive sound. Still, half a decade in, the band has finally found that seamless blending of sounds they were looking for. Now in the studio with revered producer Brian McKenna of Btoven Music (Carly Rose, Lea Muses, Bakko) and sound engineer Lu Diaz (50 Cent, P. Diddy, Lauryn Hill), Dussel is finally ready to release a record that will bring their ‘walking frat party’ to places far beyond Williamsburg.

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