Durell: “High Witcha, Vibe Witcha”

Durell: “High Witcha, Vibe Witcha”

Florida emcee Durell is getting set to release his a brand new EP in February called “Call Me Later, Way Too Busy”. Durell is here to make some noise this year and it all begins with the first single to the project “High Witcha, Vibe Witcha” produced by Yondo.

There’s a lot going on with “High Witcha, Vibe Witcha” at face value it comes off as solely a smoke anthem. However Durell is speaking a story of triumph, a story of overcoming the struggle. Yondo’s production on this joint, gives us that hazy, cloudy feel, but Durell’s lyricism adds personality and honesty to it, I repeat this is more than just a track about weed. Peep “High Witcha, Vibe Witcha” and get ready for “Call Me Later Way Too Busy” set to release February 6th.

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