Durell: “Call Me Later, Way Too Busy” [Album Stream]

Durell: “Call Me Later, Way Too Busy” [Album Stream]

Over the last couple weeks I’ve introduced you to Florida’s own Durell, through two singles in “High Witcha, Vibe Witcha” and “Selfish”. Both showed different perspectives and angles of the artist, Durell is here with his EP “Call Me Later, Way Too Busy”.

Six tracks deep with some interludes thrown in, the EP seems to serve two purposes. On one side the project is clearly Durell’s coming out party, here to show the world that he’s working and deserves to be in this hip-hop space. On the other end, it seems like Durell has quietly woven in a romantic story told through the interludes and some of the verses throughout the record. Check out “Call Me Later, Way Too Busy” below, let me know what you think and get ready for a review coming soon.

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