Durell: “Call Me Later, Way Too Busy” [Album Review]

Durell: “Call Me Later, Way Too Busy” [Album Review]

The grind is something that’s been romanticized for as long as I can remember. Work hard and you’ll get what you want, work hard and you’ll make the money you want, work hard you’ll gain the respect of your peers. When we talk about the grind, we always hear about the long days, sleepless nights, but Florida’s Durell in his EP “Call Me Later, Way Too Busy” he goes more into the relationship and friendship aspect of this grinding lifestyle we’re accustomed to.

“Call Me Later, Way Too Busy” starts with “Beep” that has us introduced to a woman who’s trying to get ahold Durell on the phone and ends up leaving a voice message, her frustration growing. The first track “Runnin’ Runnin’ Runnin’” has our hero, doing nothing wrong, nothing shady, just putting in the work to get to where he wants to be. This is the running theme throughout the entirety of the EP.

Durell’s voice and cadence is a unique one, his lower seemingly nonchalant delivery adds to a project whos subject matter is being focused on your work and not letting the distractions get to you. Durell also clearly spent a lot of time picking out the production, the way this EP flows, you’d think one person produced this.

The interludes dispersed throughout the project really piece the low-key story being told, in my personal opinion though the last two joints on the project really bring the concept home. In “ More Money” Durell makes it a point to show the listener, he’s here to be productive, he’s here to make money and support his mother. While others may take him ignoring their calls as rude, Durell is chasing a much bigger purpose. “IDK” stole the show for me, as Durell comes with an energy we only see peeks of in the rest of the EP. Durell is also the most personal on this joint too.

“Call Me Later, Way Too Busy” is an ode to the grind and in some ways a letter to those who don’t understand what he’s pursuing, what the bigger picture is. This EP is cohesive, it bangs in the whip all the while putting together a story that we all can relate to. Who knows what’s next for the Florida native, but if he’s still too busy, I know we’re about to get a serious full-length from him eventually.

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