DrewsThatDude & Tek.Lun- “Little Tokyo”

DrewsThatDude & Tek.Lun- “Little Tokyo”


One of the things we’re going to be more dedicated to on Dead End Hip Hop is giving you guys more instrumental music. Raps are sick, but without the beat, without the instrumental what do we have? Plus, there are more instrumentals out there than those just associated with hip-hop. Try to keep an open mind as we continue on.

So HuhWhat&Where Recordings is getting set to release a collaboration project between Baltimore artist Tek.Lun and New York artist DrewsThatDude called “No More Favors”. The LP drops on May 5th and the two are giving us a little sneak preview today with “Little Tokyo”. Check it out below and keep it locked here as we’ll be dropping the LP for you this upcoming Friday too.

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