Dominique Larue : “Coin Toss”

Dominique Larue : “Coin Toss”

Dominique LaRue switches things up on this bouncy jam called “Coin Toss“. Check it out.

Coming off the heels of her collaborative album, Almost There, with J. Rawls, Dominique Larue is back with another single and video, Coin Toss, from her upcoming project, Help Me, I’m Poor.

Coin Toss is a combination of aggression and witty wordplay as well as confidence and a little bit of bragging. Larue, with the help of Director Joe Lewis, was able to not only display that aggression but also showcase womanhood and togetherness with the help of Wild Bitch Crew.
Be sure to stay tuned for the release of Help Me, I’m Poor solely produced by Soop of  The Magna Media Group & MyRookieYear coming first quarter 2017.

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