DJ Krazy A presents: AWKWORD – “Hands” [prod. by Numonics]

DJ Krazy A presents: AWKWORD – “Hands” [prod. by Numonics]

Awkword laces us with some post election joint titled “Hands“. teaming up with DJ Krazy A and producer Numonics, Awkword creates that type of music that pushes for societal change from within and otherwise.

“…Picture this, my little sister stole a grand from the mall
And I, well I’m the teacher, 101 in breaking rules
Black mask, robbed the gas station in high school
Whipped the Nissan round, with a bat in the trunk
Neo-nazis with machetes, but I wouldn’t get punked
Jumped the QB in the bathroom, almost didn’t graduate
Had to tattoo him, he raped my friend that past Saturday…”

 He also takes some time to look back at his own past and the way the environment shaped him. “Hands” was actually released on the same day as the US elections. Check it out

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