Die-Rek: “The Name Is Die-Rek”

Die-Rek: “The Name Is Die-Rek”

Illect Recordings is and will forever be one of my favorite labels of all time. What impresses me most is Illect’s ability to adjust with the times and continue to add marquee talent to their roster. The latest signee of the label is Toronto’s Die-Rek.

This one hits home for me because I remember when “Grown Man Biz” dropped when I was in college and that joint melted my face and broke my neck in the same go. Die-Rek does it all, no really. He raps, he produces, he deejays, he probably can breakdance too. Illect snagging Die-Rek sounds like a match made in heaven and to introduce him to the roster he’s released “The Name Is Die-Rek” that he produced and did the cuts on. Take a listen, I have no idea what’s coming next from the Toronto standout, but whatever it is, I already can’t wait.


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