Dex Amora: “Sauce”

Dex Amora: “Sauce”

A couple weeks ago Seattle emcee Dex Amora started his 2018 campaign with the “Hokkaido” and truthfully it was the perfect track to set things off. Speaking his presence, talent and success into existence Dex flows with ease.

This time around Dex Amora is here with “Sauce”, Dex hasn’t been one to overcomplicate things and this track is no different. Not missing a single step Dex is putting everyone on notice, he’s one of the best emcees out and he wants you to know that. Sharp as a tack Dex comes with lines like “Lot of these cats got all the ingredients, but no seasoning” which is only fitting in the current hip-hop climate.

Dex Amora continues to go against the grain in “Sauce”, you can stream the joint below and keep your ears perked as Dex is working on his full-length right now.

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