Devine Carama – Reflections (produced by DJ Well Blended)

Devine Carama – Reflections (produced by DJ Well Blended)


Here is the bonus track entitled “Reflections” produced by DJ Well-Blended who also produced the album’s first single “Stars”. He chopped up Michael Jackson’s classic “Man In The Mirror”.

Devine Carama’s Thoughts

“I just wanted to be real open and honest on this one. Seems like music today is attempting to try and convince the people how good an artist’s life is as oppose to the music just being a true reflection of whatever an artists’ life is, good or bad. The song is a double entendre.. I’m “reflecting” on my life while also looking at my reflection in the mirror and seeing who I truly am. Realist jawn I ever wrote..”

Listen: Devine Carama-Reflections (produced by DJ Well Blended)

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