Deraj @JustDeraj @rmgtweets “Forgive you Much” Video

Deraj @JustDeraj @rmgtweets “Forgive you Much” Video


It’s a fact that in life we experience disappointments in relationships at some level, but the ones that can affect us most deeply are from those whom we know and trust dearly. Whether it’s a broken promise from a friend or an irresponsible, lying spouse, it will all stir up unwanted feelings and emotions. The common response is to seek justice and at times revenge for offenses made to us, but we often avoid the road less traveled. Forgive You Much takes the listener down the road of forgiveness exposing the candid emotions we all feel when we’ve been hurt and guides listeners to the place where we can show grace to those who don’t deserve it. As the Bible instructs to “forgive as the Lord forgave you,” we learn that there is true freedom in forgiving one another. Let us know your thoughts.

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