DEHH visits FSU: Sociology of Hip Hop Class Pt.2

DEHH visits FSU: Sociology of Hip Hop Class Pt.2

First and foremost we want to thank Florida State University, Dr. Lisa Weinberg, Andrew Mannheimer and the students. We were appreciative of the hospitality and the invitation to speak to the class. So without further ado, here’s Pt. 2

If you missed Pt.1 check it out here:

On November 14th, Dead End Hip Hop spoke at Florida State University’s Sociology of Hip Hop class. We talked about religion, Jay Z’s MCHG, and race relations plus more.

A new course at Florida State University, FSU’s Sociology of Hip Hop class has quickly gained momentum becoming one of the most popular classes at the university. During the semester, guests are invited to speak with the class on different topics related to hip hop.

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