DEHH Premiere- Sebastian Hochstein: “Balance Both” (remix) [feat. Abdominal & Chali 2na] (via @illect)

DEHH Premiere- Sebastian Hochstein: “Balance Both” (remix) [feat. Abdominal & Chali 2na] (via @illect)


Scribbling Idiot member Sebastian Hochstein is getting set to release his second solo project in the “Name Dropping” EP. The producer has already dropped a number of singles in ‘Flowers’ (which features Sadat X, Jurny Big & DJ Kair One) ‘Hands Up’ (which features the Scribbling Idiots) and today I have the third single ‘Balance Both’ (remix).

I’m actually in the camp that Hochstein is one of the more underrated producers. I can’t front his solo debut wasn’t exactly my cup of tea but since then Hochstein has only stepped up his game and it’s shown here. On “Balance Both” we’re blessed with features from Abdominal and Chali 2na, if that doesn’t get you hype I don’t know what to tell you. Best part the two lyricists go back and forth and whisk us back to the days of good hip-hop music. Peep the joint below and if you like that you can peep the other singles right below that. The “Name Dropping” EP will premiere here on Dead End Hip Hop on Friday.

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