DEHH Premiere: @nofacerapper ‘Wintercoat’ EP [Album Stream]

DEHH Premiere: @nofacerapper ‘Wintercoat’ EP [Album Stream]


Virgina emcee NoFace, Rapper has come through with his first project of 2017 and I have to admit it’s fitting. ‘Wintercoat’ is a four-track EP starring the emcee. Now when you first listen to the EP the production is accessible enough that you could gloss over the lyrics. However after a couple more listens and digging deeper into the lyrics, you see that ‘Wintercoat’ is an extremely introspective project.

Derrick Thomas Jr. handles the majority of the production on this project and like I said it’s pretty accessible for such an emotional project and that’s a rarity in hip-hop nowadays. My only gripe is that the EP is only four tracks coming in at just under 15 minutes. But if you like introspective, cold winter rap, this joint is for you. You can stream the joint below and make sure you let us know what you think of the project. Let’s pray that this is only a sample of what’s to come from the talented emcee. Look for a review on the project soon.

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