DEHH ICMYI: July, Week 4

DEHH ICMYI: July, Week 4

In the final week of July, Dead End Hip-Hop: In Case You Missed It will be covering all things hip-hop and catch you up on all things DEHH!

WHAT’S HOT IN HIP-HOP: Rapper Offset was arrest on July 20th and is currently facing two felony gun charges after he and his bodyguard were pulled over outside of Atlanta. The 26-year old rapper has since then posted bail. Read more here.

The mysterious, sensual, California-native R&B singer H.E.R. speaks on the acronym of her name (“Having Everything Revealed”), her debut album, and much more in her cover story for Galore. Read more here.

Chance The Rapper buys The Chicagoist, a publication that was initially shut down when billionaire Joe Ricketts retaliated after unionizing efforts succeed in the New York offices of Gothamist & DNAinfo. Ricketts then terminated the other local websites in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington. Chance bought The Chicagoist back from WNYC with this to say: ” I look forward to re-launching it and bringing the people of Chicago an independent media outlet focused on amplifying diverse voices and content.” Watch here and listen to Chano’s latest summer singles


The Staff Writers of DEHH write about their mid-year top 10 favorite albums. Read here

Contributor Michael Stover drops premiere with Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) as featured onNPR Tiny Desk: “On top of that, Paten, Mr. Lif and Akrobatik created an entirely fresh joint titled “Bait.”  The result is Low Resolution an 8 track long record that brings Resolution into a completely different light”. Check out The Perceptionists new single “Bait” exclusively on Dead End Hip Hop.

The Perceptionists

Staff Writer Terrence Sage deliver us 93 Bandit‘s latest EP: “Flood The Market”: “While it only clocks in about 10 minutes total, 93 Bandits has something of a short burst of energy that can serve as a snack-sized sampling of the group’s subject matter and music styles” Read more here

93 Bandit


The video team of Dead End Hip-Hop comes together to discuss their mid-year top 5. Watch here

The video team reviews Saba‘s latest album Care For MeWatch here

The video team reviews The Weeknd’s latest album My Dear Melancholy. Watch here (and feel better, FeeFo)



74 | Mailbag: My Girl, My Sister, My Wedding

75 | Poo Pie (ft. Damon Tyrell)


JUNE 29: The NBA Never Stops

JULY 2: Instant Reaction: LeBron James is a Laker

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I.S. Jones is a poet & music journalist currently in New York. You can tweet at her here

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