DeepSpace5: “5:55” [Album Stream]

DeepSpace5: “5:55” [Album Stream]

Hip-hop supergroup DeepSpace5 is celebrating 20 years of existence this week and what better way to celebrate than for them to put out a small project. Five joints deep, “[5:55]” is a produced by Freddie Bruno of DeepSpace5. Some may wonder why the cover resembles that of Jay-Z’s recently released “[4:44]”. For this project Freddie Bruno actually took some of the same samples No I.D used in “[4:44]” and flipped them into his own sound and had the supercrew come in.

I’m hoping to get this on my first try but, DeepSpace5 is made of Manchild, Krum (fka Playdough), Sintax.The.Terrific, Listener, Dust, DJ Manwell, Freddie Bruno, Sivion, SevStatik and Beat Rabbi. This is the group’s first release in seven years. You can stream the project below and if you like what you hear and want to support, all proceeds are going to those affected in Puerto Rico.

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