Dead End Hip Hop Presents | The Vibe: Volume 1

Dead End Hip Hop Presents | The Vibe: Volume 1

Curated by: I.S. Jones & Jake Milgate

When I began writing editorials two years ago, I never conceived that one day I would become Managing Editor of any major platform. I still see myself as a super fan of hip-hop. Even now, I’ll message rappers on the side to gush about how much I love their work. I never want to lose that wide-eyed wonder this music gives me. I believe there is a unique magic in emerging rappers. There is immense potential ahead, to be profoundly successful and shape a generation, and there is profound odds stacked up against an artist.

That is why I wanted to make this playlist, because I wanted others to experience my wide-eyed wonder. The following are tracks we pulled out from a hefty pile of artists who submitted on Twitter. Thank you again to Jake for helping with this amazing selection and we hope you enjoy.

Track 1: USED 2 Love You: Nu3ra Ness

Nu3ra Ness pronounced (New Era Ness) is a rising Virginia Hip-Hop artist with a determination to separate himself from his peers. Nu3ra has been working to create a foundation for himself based off meaningful lyrics, raw emotion, and a connection with his loyal fan base”. 

Track 2: Hole In My Pocket (feat. Selina Carrera): Peter Sayke 

“Cincinnati native, Chicago resident. Pete Sayke‘s sound is one of homegrown soul. After releasing his solo project, The New Black, in 2010, Pete partnered with emcee Mike Schpitz to form the duo Grumpy Old Men. a group that was invited to perform at Atlanta’s A3C Hip Hop Festival and was also “Broken” on Shade45’s Wake Up Show in 2013″

Track 3: Practice Work: AissaSpades 

AissaSpades is fun, flirty, irreverent, but also still carries that sweet nectar of pain that comes a black women singing her truth. I simply couldn’t see this playlist being possible without her sound.

Track 4: Room for Hoes: See.Francis

Casmir Francis, also known by his stage name See.Francis, is an artist-songwriter, producer, and actor born in Newark, New Jersey.

Track 5: 7 Figures: Saevi

A newcomer to music, Saevi’s voice already holds centuries of wisdom, heartache, and endurance.

Track 6: Baby Miloh Two: Miloh Smith

Atlanta rapper, Miloh Smith, raps quite confidently on her latest track, “Baby Miloh Two”. Her flow along with some cool synths will certainly have your head knodding.

Track 7: Voices (ft. Pet Zebra): My Favorite Color

Rapper, My Favorite Color, is hearing “Voices” in his single featuring Pet Zebra

Track 8: Stay Froze(n) feat. Ariana Grande: Cazper

Canadian rapper, cazper, hazily flows over some lo-fi production on “stay froze(n)”

Track 9: Purified: Sire Kaizër

Sire Kaizer is a Charleston native. He keeps it short and sweet on “Purified”.

Track 10: BST: KlassickEmcee

– You can really feel the soul in this one. KlassickEmcee shreds the mic on “BST”.

Track 11: Winning: Jah Jr.

– Jah Jr., Dublin, GA native, takes us on a victory lap on “Winnin”.


I.S. Jones is a writer living in New York by way of California. Send pizza not nudes. She is the new Managing Editor of Dead End Hip Hop & it’s been a ride so far. She misses the warmth dearly. You can tweet at her here

Jake Milgate a.k.a. MILFENCE is a hip-hop writer and enthusiast from Rochester, New York

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