Dead End Hip Hop Premiere: NASA8- “Not A Stupid Album” + “James Beat” (Music Video)

Dead End Hip Hop Premiere: NASA8- “Not A Stupid Album” + “James Beat” (Music Video)

NASA8 is an international hip-hop collective made up of more members than I have fingers and today they’ve released their sophomore effort “Not A Stupid Album” (focus before you judge the name). Varth Dader, Bito Sureiya, Jiro, Fonlon, Ale, From Summerclub, Opo-Ra and others have crafted this album from the ground up beats, rhymes, engineering is all theirs. This album is over 20 tracks deep and guess what? You have two options: you can either download the album for free or for $1 you can get the Deluxe version which comes with some dope instrumentals by Bito, Tek.Lun, Jiro and Fonlon. Above you can peep the video for “James Beat, Sike it’s Nicks Beat. But no really, it’s James’ Beat” and below you can stream the deluxe version of the album and make your decision from there. I personally have been anticipating this album for over a year and after listening I can say it was worth the wait. Peep game and let me know what you think of the album in the comment section!

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