Dead End Hip Hop: A3C Surivival Guide #A3Crollcall

Dead End Hip Hop: A3C Surivival Guide #A3Crollcall

It’s here we’ve finally made it, A3C continues and we’re with Day 2 of our coverage. Yesterday we gave you a playlist mixing together the underground and banging sounds of A3C. Today we’re with a small survival guide. We’ve got a busy week ahead and with everything going on it can be hard to remember all the little things we’ll need throughout the day to maximize our time at the conferences and festival.

Pens- Now I know what you’re thinking, Sto, I have phone/tablet/watch/whatever the kids are into now, but trust me bring some pens. Technology is unreliable and for those taking notes at the conferences writing down information helps your brain better retain it. Emcees, I’m not going to front writing rhymes on my phone is extremely convenient but it wouldn’t hurt to pen a verse or two with some ink and paper right?

Notebook/Songbook- This harkens a bit to the previous one, but I might even go as far as grabbing a notebook specifically for A3C. You’ll be running into hundreds if not thousands of people this week. You’ll need to take down phone numbers, emails, websites, verses, notes and more that I can’t think of right now. In fact just in writing this I’ve convinced myself that I need to scoop one more notebook before I bounce later tonight. Plus having a notebook makes it easy to keep all of the information you’ll gather in one place to go back to and put in your phone or laptop later.

Books/Magazine- The obvious use for this is travel, the majority of us are traveling hours on hours to get to A3C. However I also believe it can be used to kind of get away from the hip-hop overload we’re all guaranteed to have. And also as I way to prep for your day and it get in the right mindset for all the learning ahead….geez I sound like a teacher. Let’s talk about video games.

Nintendo DS- Games on your phone are lit, but let’s be honest those can get mind-numbingly boring after a couple hours. Might I suggest a DS you can scoop a 2DS for mad cheap and some of the retro games you played growing up sell on the Nintendo Shop for as low as $5.

Hoodie- Did you check the weather for Atlanta yet? It looks like it’s going to be decently warm all week, but we might get some rain this weekend for the festival. Plus as we’re in Fall who knows how cool these nights could be. I’m personally not one for umbrellas either so if you’re about that life a hoodie is definitely the way to go.

Other Items: tickets, A3C Wristbands (make sure you grab this at check-in), Phone, USB/Hard Drive

Check back all week as we’ll be covering A3C’s Conferences and Festival all week. And you missed our A3C playlist check it out HERE.

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