A Day In The Life of T.R.3 (IMG Documentary)

A Day In The Life of T.R.3 (IMG Documentary)

This mini-doc takes you into a day in the life of T.R.3 as he introduces himself and members of IMG, and prepares for a show later in the night. This is just a first glimpse into his world and the IMG family. Shot, directed and edited through the talented eyes of Quite Frankly, scored and produced by Ariano for Popular Nobody LLC, this day is just the beginning for T.R.3 and IMG as they prepare to blow open the doors for the next generation of music. Welcome to the world of T.R.3 and IMG.

Every movement has a visionary and T.R.3 assumes that role with a humble, yet strong confidence. In a collective of equals, T.R.3 has been creating waves and garnering attention over the past year, not only for his own movement, but for the entire IMG crew. To boot, his recent single, “Statistics” off his most recent body of work,The Prelude EP, has been very well received, garnering over 90k streams to date. The well-deserved hype is only growing while T.R.3 prepares for his first official studio release with SoCal Hip Hop veteran, Ariano.

IMG (Instrumentalist Music Group) started in June of 2013. They are not solely a group, but more so a collective of young, optimistic artists ready to take on the world. Consisting of Naomi The Goddess, Creatrix, Lazaria, Amari Shakur, FatherPoet, Deshane Bankhead, FrankDex, JanuaryHigh and the leader of the ever-growing movement, T.R.3.

Listen to their music via soundcloud below.

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