Darko The Super Drops Two New Music Videos

Darko The Super Drops Two New Music Videos

I’ve got a double whammy for you today, so be careful or you might get tarnished. Darko The Super, known for his biting lyrics and bizarre sound, has released two new music videos to treat your soul. The first is for “The Learning Channel,” a song off of Darko’s recent album Watered Down Demon Fuzz. Honestly, I didn’t learn too much from this video, but I did learn Darko can rock a dress. There’s also some nice footage of Disney World, but don’t tell Walt or he’ll flip. The “TLC” logo almost deceived me. Almost.

The second video is from Darko’s collaborative group with ialive, The Hell Hole Store. “You Forgot The Bread” is from their recent project Return To The Hell Hole Store. They didn’t forget the b-roll with this one. I’ve not very familiar with Darko’s visual catalog, so it’s interesting to see some music videos come out of his work. Check ’em out! 

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