Dark Time Sunshine – A Walk In The Park

Dark Time Sunshine – A Walk In The Park

Dark Time Sunshine announced a new album, ANX, which will be released on July 24th via Fake Four, Inc. The album includes features from Aesop Rock, P.O.S., and Busdriver, among others, and although the duo, comprised of Grayskul (Rhymesayers) rapper Onry Ozzborn and producer Zavala, have yet to release the album’s official first single, today, they’re excited to release an official album B-Side, with the song “A Walk In The Park.”

“A Walk In The Park” is all about learning how to lead a balanced life, about figuring out how to prioritize what’s most important – like staying close with family – and as most of us know, that’s no easy task. “Between raising your kids, dealing with long distance relationships, and maintaining music,” says Ozzborn, discussing what inspired the track, “it can drive you mad at times.”

“The beat just put me in a storytelling mood and has me thinking about what’s really important in my life,” says Ozzborn. “From worry about my folks to having concerns about my daughter growing up.” And as has become a staple for Dark Time Sunshine, Onry breaks down the subject matter eloquently throughout, as he raps, “I never wanna get that call about mommy/ Daddy neither (I think I need a breather)/ Sister watch over them/ They not retired; they rewired and work again.”

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