D2X: “Enjoy Life” [Album Review]

D2X: “Enjoy Life” [Album Review]

Chicago’s D2X is here with a brand new EP in “Enjoy Life”. Inspired by a trip to Los Angeles the standout has been preparing to release this project for a while and it is well worth the wait. Six tracks deep D2X stays true to the foundation of hip-hop that raised him, while giving the people something catchy to pop off to as we close out the summer.

The EP in a sense seems to play out in two parts, divided up by a beautiful “interlude” in “Diamond Life Blues”. Both halves of the project speak on the come up, the struggle and perseverance needed to make it and maintain. The title track produced by Yikes Beats is the thesis statement for the album, the funky bass and how D2X attacks the instrumental makes this a must listen.

Diamond Life Blues” fits in the middle of the EP as a proper interlude and gives D2X the room to explain the project and himself as an artist. Immediately after that comes “Might As Well” I’m not gonna front this song didn’t hit me like I wanted it to, the hook is catchy but it didn’t seem to fit in juxtaposition to the rest of the album. “1997” closes out the album on a triumphants note and genuinely has my interest piqued for whatever D2X has in the chamber next.

EPs are good way to introduce yourself to your audience and to really exhibit the talent that you have. D2X’s “Enjoy Life” is a testament to the grind that never ends and to the celebrations caused by our hard work and perseverance.

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