Curbside Jones “Been Wolf” in his new animated video

Curbside Jones “Been Wolf” in his new animated video


Austin, Texas has a sheep pretending to be a wolf, a metaphorical animated video about growing past what people perceive you to be, and Curbside Jones rapping his ass off about all of the above in his video “Been Wolf” animated by DigsBot. The production that continues to rock and shift throughout the video that only clocks in at one minute and thirty two seconds! Some information about “Been Wolf” is that’s it stemming from Curb’s upcoming project titled Wolves’ Clothing.

“Wolves’ Clothing is a spin on the tale of the wolf pretending to be a sheep to get by in the world. What if the sheep wanted to become the wolf and shed stereotypes and stigma that comes with being said creature? The sheep has experienced things such as- hyper-masculinity, death, failed relationships, being denied by social institutes, and internal conflict. A sheep goes into a thrift store and finds clothes that a wolf once wore and decides to buy them, thus embodying the persona and mindset of the wolf.”

Follow Curbside Jones and DigsBot on their respective Twitter Profiles and keep up with everything Curb on his website and listen to his older projects and more music here!

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