Cunabear: “M00kie” [Album Stream]

Cunabear: “M00kie” [Album Stream]

cunabear - m00kie [ARTWORK]

Everyone wants to blow up right? Everyone wants to tour the world, jump into giant crowds, get blasted after shows and more, but what about the life you leave behind? “M00kie” by cunabear taps into all that and more. It’s not often that we hear about what the tour life is like for those who aren’t making millions. Artists taking risks to pursue and follow their vision does come with its set of consequences that affect everyone around you.

I was pleasantly surprised by Cunabear’s just overall creative approach to this record. Seemingly influenced by artists like DOOM and Captain Murphy, Cunabear has an heir of anonymity to him. That said just DOOM and the Captain before him, Cunabear opens up his soul and his life to us, through trippy production, interludes and more. Definitely a top sleeper pick for this year in my opinion. You can stream “M00kie” below, lemme know what you think.

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