Cub Capulet: “Paralyzed”

Cub Capulet: “Paralyzed”

Cub Capulet is becoming one of my favorite artists this year, he’s released two EPs this year in “This Empty Space” and “Love In Concert”. Both emotionally charged projects that when put together tells a story of love found, love lost and recovering from that whirlwind. Capulet’s lyrics are relatable on every level and you can tell this man has been through it.

Capulet isn’t done yet though, dropping one more single as we transition into the cold brutal winter. In “Paralyzed” we find Capulet seemingly chasing a new love, who he’s completely infatuated with. Capulet always has a way of pulling at your heartstrings and getting you to feel he’s feeling. The wavy, slightly more electronic production is clearly Capulet’s playground and he uses it perfectly to bring this love story to life. Check it out below!

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