Cub Capulet: “This Empty Space” [Album Review]

Cub Capulet: “This Empty Space” [Album Review]

Love is one of the most complicated facets of this life that we lead, we all want it, but unfortunately it’s almost inevitable that we’re going to hurt through this process. Kentucky’s Cub Capulet started tackling some of the topics love has to handle in his EP “Love In Concert”. Capulet was vulnerable, honest and talented across many fields in music. So what happens when the Kentucky native decides to drop another EP? Let’s talk about Cub Capulet’s second EP “This Empty Space”.

Creating a sequel to a previous project is a risky move sometimes, but Cub Capulet handles this to perfection. One of the reasons I feel sequels don’t always work out in music is usually by the time an artist has gotten back to the sequel, that ship, trend etc has set sail. However Capulet is capitalizing on the topic of love off top, with shows like Insecure and the overall state of our generation’s relationships being in disarray, there’s something for everyone on “This Empty Space”.

If “Love In Concert” was the ascension and eventually fall of the relationship, “This Empty Space” seems to be the recovery or coping period. The EP starts with the eight minute “Someone’s Someone”. Which was a little long winded, but the lyrics cut so deep and are guaranteed to have you in your feels, that I can let it slide. Now I went into this EP expecting a lot of sad lyrics, along the lines of a Frank Ocean, The Weekend etc. But Capulet covers multiple perspectives of the coping period and that includes the banger “Rage”.

All the expectations I had for “This Empty Space” was shattered by Cub Capulet’s versatility and ability to make songs about love while appealing to multiple audiences. The production is just as varied as it was on “Love In Concert” and if you play both projects one after the other, we truly have a story being told that everyone can relate to. I think both EPs are clever and I’m real interested to see what a full-length project from Cub Capulet sounds and looks like.

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