CRUX Unite #Raffle

CRUX Unite #Raffle


I have a thing for good causes and here is one taking place here in the city of Atlanta. The UNITE Gift Basket Raffle for Charity will award 3 lucky winners a gift basket stuffed with the hottest worldwide and local products and gear. Tickets will be sold for $5 at New Era Flagship Store and Vinnie’s Styles ATL and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Hosea Williams Homeless Shelter in Downtown Atlanta. This is all part of Creative Revolution Union’s “UNITE” Campaign and winners will be notified at upcoming UNITE Events.

About CRUX

Believing that creativity is the common thread between Generation-Y, Creative Revolution Union (CRUx) is the unifying platform for the creative leaders of its generation. CRUx showcases and represents creative leaders and their lifestyles through events and the upcoming launch of its digital space. CRUx is the link between Generation-Y and the companies that want to influence them by utilizing the CRUx’s platform of events, upcoming social network and creative marketing strategies. Consulting with Creative Revolution Union means establishing a direct connection with the creative leaders of generation-y where they are most engaged.

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