Core Demonstration & Samurai Shin: “Two Katanas”

Core Demonstration & Samurai Shin: “Two Katanas”

The Prelude EP is an EP in conjunction with Samurai Shin a manga that started earlier this spring and looks to continue through this year. “The Prelude” EP will feature Metaphor the Great and Torae, however today I have the single called “Two Katanas” by the duo Core Demonstration.

Invoking and channeling my favorite Samurai Champloo with the hip-hop anime crossover Core Demonstration wax poetic over this jazzy, paino-infused beat. You can check the single above and if you’re interested in checking out Samurai Shin you can do so HERE. “The Prelude EP” will be released June 24th with Samurai Shin Issue 1.5 which will provide some backstory to one of the main characters in Keith Masaru.

Samurai Shin Credits

Created Artwork: Sukma Agustriyana
Release Date: June 24th 2017
Writer: Mikel Miles
Manga Illustrator: Harley Dela Cruz
Art By: Fahmi Fauzi & Sukma Agustriyana
Editor: Lavender Khan & Ivan Earl Aguilar

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