Conscious talks his near-fatal accident, “Waking Up The Neighbors” & the importance of visuals (Interview)

Conscious talks his near-fatal accident, “Waking Up The Neighbors” & the importance of visuals (Interview)

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Dead End Hip Hop: Who is Conscious for those who don’t know?

Conscious: My real name is Brett Prusinski. I’m just your average dream chasing 22 yr old rapper from Buffalo NY who still works that 9-5 while on pursuit to make his passion his lifestyle.

DEHH: When did you start really taking hip-hop and your music seriously to where you wanted to make a career of it?

Conscious: Honestly after my near-fatal, roll-over accident in April of 2016. After so many people saying “You are a walking miracle”, “You were meant to be here”, “You have a purpose”. I knew right then I had to take things to the next level and I had to make something of myself. I felt I was on this earth for a purpose, and I wanted to use my creative abilities to really make an impact.

DEHH: Wow, life or death experiences really can change your perspective on everything, how did it effect your outlook on life and how did that influence your art?

Conscious: It truly made me value everything in my life so much more. Pay attention to the small things more. Be more appreciative and humble. I’ve used this experience to fuel me and my passions.I feel that I am here for a purpose. It wasn’t my time yet to go, I definitely didn’t do all I want and can do here. So now I just am really always in overdrive mode and making sure I make the most of everything because the truth is we never know what tomorrow has in store for us.

DEHH: Tell me a bit about your mixtape “Waking Up The Neighbors”?

Conscious: “Waking Up The Neighbors” is my debut mixtape and my first official release on all major music platforms. I am very proud of how the project came together. It’s a work out. It features some emotional music and bangers for the club/parties! The leading single of the mixtape is “Latly”. Which went viral on Facebook for it’s deep message and has reached out and helped many dealing with anxiety, depression, addiciton.

DEHH: Coming from New York the hip-hop is pretty robust and jam-packed already, how do you stand out in a loaded scene?

Conscious: I honestly don’t concern myself with others in the scene here. Not to say I don’t respect the talent that is in New York, I just know it’s not helping me any to be worried about the next guy. So I try to stand out by being me. Releasing dope material and being real with my supporters. I truly try to just be my best at all times.

DEHH: One thing I’ve noticed about you is that, you place a big emphasis on visuals. Why is that?

Conscious: Visuals are everything. Like they say “Seeing is Believing”. This music game is just as much about the videos, photos and visual content as it is the “hit” song you are making. It all comes down to marketing and branding and making sure you always bring the full package. I am little lucky in the fact that I have grown up making videos & short films to even being a sub contractor for wedding photography/videography so I use that background and experience to propel my music career.

DEHH: Getting any traction as an independent artist is challenging, what tips would give to other artists trying to make a name for themselves in this space?

Conscious: Identify your self as a brand. Use the Internet and all its tools to your advantage. Thank people who help you. Don’t ever stop making music.

DEHH: What are your some of your artistic influences?

Conscious: Generally speaking everything I see, hear and feel. I am influenced by many current artist who can show beauty, light and emotion and pure skill in their work, the mostly always move me or influence what I do next.

I’m not sure what made me the way I am if that answers your question haha.

DEHH: You’ve worked with a lot of people in your short career who’s someone you’d like to work with in the future?

Conscious: As of right now, it has to be NF. Think that would be an amazing project to work on.

DEHH: Another facet of your music I’ve noticed is that you don’t stick to one particular sound. What’s your process of picking beats and how to go from song idea to full-fledged track?

Conscious: Good question, I don’t want to be classified to just a specific sound, style or genre. I don’t want people to get comfortable, I want them wondering what I’m going to do next.

DEHH: What’s next for Conscious? Will we get a full-length from you at some point?

Conscious: It’s something I think about all the time. Honestly I can’t say I have an album in the works as of right now. I certainly have material built up for the start of one. As of right now, for me it’s all about getting more exposure to the movement, generating more of a buzz and anticipation for an album. My mentors have told me that this current music world is truly about making that “Hit Song” then making an album.


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