ConFromThe703: “InduhCon 2” [Album Review]

ConFromThe703: “InduhCon 2” [Album Review]

Virginia emcee ConFromThe703 is here with his album “InduhCon 2”. Based on the Spotify listing “InduhCon 2” is produced entirely by Induhgo and you guys know I’m a sucker for one emcee, one producer projects. Let’s see how Con and Induhgo stack up.

Off top Con is quite the emcee and hearing his personality spilled over these 13 tracks is an adventure you have to experience. The “Induhtro” has Con spitting over a trippy and dark instrumental from Induhgo partially sets the table for what’s to come. Immediately after this introduction, we’re given “Uno”. It bleeds and breathes underground hip-hop anthem that you can move and groove to.

However it’s impossible to make an opinion on Con or the album after those two joints, because as you progress through the album, Con opens up more and more. “27” has Con going over this dreary instrumental, but if you haven’t caught on by now, Con is a confident individual on the mic. It shines on tracks like these where he’s name dropping celebrities he compares himself and slyly dives right back into the verse like nothing happened.

While I just mentioned that Con is clearly confident, it doesn’t stop him from being honest with the audience. “Saga” is my favorite track on this and it’s heart-wrenching one when you get down to it. Con speaks on his relationships in the past, both the good and the bad, both his actions and the actions of others and the effect its had on him. It’s a heavy track that’s a must-listen.

“InduhCon 2” is trippy, hazy, hard-hitting adventure that mixes in a bit of underground to really round out this album. Everything from Con’s delivery to the mantra heard throughout the album (“gametime….scoreboard”), there’s no way Con won’t be inside your head one way or another. Whether it’s the no new fake friends anthem in “New” to the more song-driven outro “Serotonin” there’s something for everyone on this. You can take a listen to “InduhCon 2” below.

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