Concert Review: Tink at the Metro Chicago

Concert Review: Tink at the Metro Chicago

To the doubters and naysayers out there of the world, Tink is here. That was proven on a cold winter’s night at Chicago’s Metro on Feb. 21, 2015 for the young boisterous artist. It was one of those rare nights for artist that the people of Chicago or anywhere don’t see everyday. With epic records label execs floating in wonderment of what Tink have to offer live had all of us in wonder. My first viewing of the young artist and it was expected to be a right of passage type of show instead I was in for a little bit of a Sunday ritual.

Once Tink and friends set upon the stage the ladies in the crowd faces were lit up like the moon. Tink comes out giving us a hip hop vibe with the attire and free flowing hair as if she was there to let it all go once the lights were on. By the second half of the set, there was a different aura with the attire changes. Tink’s vocal performance was the thing that itch the backs of a lot of peoples’ minds. With that being said it doesn’t disappoint neither. Not too familiar with her singing background but, from the vibe of it – feels like the first Sunday of the month in church. Everything wasn’t as holy as it seems though as Tink lets it be known to the women that us “men” have a problem. It felt like to me coming from someone of a younger age that it came from more of a confusing place where she still learns from everyday. Which is fine and fresh perspective in a way.

Churning out bangers like “Treat Me Like Somebody” and “Kilo” had us all rocking along. From the smooth r&b and vocalized songs from her winter’s diary to bossin up with hard bars they all were a specific choice for the stage and the live band. Super producer Timbaland even graced the stage and spoke about Tink’s talent. Ending the 45 minute set with a new unheard track from her album made the night complete for the fresh artist. I even got approached by a random guy fan that was amazed and quoting Timbaland’s Aaliyah reference to what to expect from her album. Only time will tell for the artist but, as what was seen that night its just the beginning so put them “fingers up.”

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