Clear Soul Forces | #TheJoint Interviews

Clear Soul Forces | #TheJoint Interviews

**The Joint New Release Date: 2-3-2015**
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Check out our exclusive interview with Clear Soul Forces and Flint, Michigan based producer, NAMELESS.

Video also includes a snippet of The Joint they did for the tape with Boog Brown and produced by Black Milk! Look out for the full single later today!

In October 2014, DeadHipHop blocked out Salem Psalms Studios in Atlanta, GA for an entire week to create an awesome mixtape experience. We invited Emcees and Producers from all over the country to join in on this creative process to capture footage and of course record music.

For Salem Psalms Studio rates, email:
They provide Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Production, for Music, Broadcasting, and Film. Also, Creative Studio Design and Installation, Marketing, Project Management

Twitter:@salempsalms IG:@salempsalms FB:salempsalms

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